sharon pierce mccullough

Sharon Pierce McCullough is a self-taught artist and sculptor. She works from her historic stone home in Cashtown. Her use a vivid colors has always been one of the most striking aspects of her work, with geometrics being the most repetitive theme. An underlying thread of "fun" has always permeated her works.

McCullough's current body of work includes paintings on canvas, paper or cardboard and sculptures from plaster, cement or found objects.  She is constantly experimenting with both materials and process and likes to work in series. There is a spontaneity to her work as she explores the relationship of positive and negative space, color and form. Her original artwork has been collected and displayed in private homes, businesses, children’s hospitals and public buildings across the country. An internationally recognized children’s book author and illustrator, Sharon is also co-founder and CCO of the kids & family website ZiggityZoom.com.

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