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JÓh ricci

showing with GEOFF GRANT at EDEN farm STUDIO

Joh's 'fiber art' awareness began at the age of 8 when a Great Aunt taught her how to crochet.  That began an interest to create fabric with her hands using a needle and yarn.  She has worked in a number of techniques throughout the years, although continues to seize the true spirit of her fiber art by creating one-of-a-kind contemporary baskets and sculptural vessels, in which she is self-taught.  Rekindling a passion for loom weaving, from which it all began as an elective course in the first year of pursuing an art degree , she earned a BFA from Kutztown University.  


Continually challenging herself, Joh enjoys working in other areas of creativity. She is also self-taught in a variety of hand bead weaving and recycled paper techniques, creating unique jewelry includes earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Also Included in the genre of Joh's artistic endeavors is impasto painting which allows her to create textures, similar to those in her fiber art, by using oil and/or acrylic paints.


Ricci's fiber art has been exhibited at prestigious juried shows such as the Smithsonian Craft Show, The Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, the American Craft Exposition as well as juried and invitational gallery shows across the United States.  She has won numerous awards and her work can be found in a number of books and publications, as well as private collections.
She also believes it is important to bring art to individuals and to nurture the creativity within and enjoys teaching weaving, basketry and hand bead weaving as an artist-in-residence and at arts centers in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

'My inspiration is drawn from every day life. I realize the endless possibilities of keeping an open mind and an observant eye and I recognize the variety of forms and colors that surround me. With a thought, an idea, a color or a shape, the creative process begins. I feel that the combination of positive energy and spiritual thought support my goals: to bring creative life to an idea, to challenge myself with the concept of what could be, and to create art that transcends boundaries.'

For more about Joh and her work, please visit:

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