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Judy Pyle grew up in Adams County, taught Art in Gettysburg Area High School until her retirement in 2001.  She is a graduate of Moore College of Art in Philadelphia.  She holds a Masters of Liberal Arts degree from McDaniel College in Westminster and a Certificate in Jewelry Making from MICA in Baltimore.  She shows with Foothills Artists in Adams County, and her work can be found at The Village Artisans in Boiling Springs.  She is a member of The Enamelist Society and the Enamel Guild North East.  Her artwork has been accepted in various local and national shows.  Her latest work references The Distelfink Drive-In, with occasional forays into sculptural enamels.  Her garden continues to be inspiration for her work. To further explore Judy's work visit:


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Creation of
In the Garden Brooch #1

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