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showing at beech springs farm

From my earliest years, my passions have been gardening and photography!  I grew up on my family’s farm near Pittsburgh, PA and most of my time was spent outdoors exploring.  I was in awe of the beauty of the natural world and as a youngster I started trying to capture its beauty in photographs and recreate that beauty through gardening projects.  


When I was 9, my parents allowed me to purchase a Brownie Hawkeye Camera advertised in a local paper.  I had so much fun taking photos and, even though they were quite primitive, it was my very first attempt at photography.


Fast forward about 45 years and the opportunity to travel abroad and relocate to Adams County reenergized my passions for gardening and photography. My husband and I purchased Beech Springs Farm in 2001 and I’ve spent the majority of that time creating gardens and beautifying the property. As the gardens change through the seasons, they inspire me to capture their beauty.


The landscapes of Adams County and travel in other countries have provided an array of images through the years. I’m honored to be part of the Foothill Artists’ 2023 Studio Tour and to have the opportunity to showcase some of the other gifted artists in our restored barn.  


To contact Jayne, email: 

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