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showing at beech springs farm

Artistic expression has served as a grounding force in my life.  Moving throughout my childhood—living in Boston, London, Connecticut, and New Orleans—I always seemed to carry with me a sense of wonder, curiosity, and imagination.  I settled in Adams County, Pennsylvania in 1992 and became increasingly passionate about its rich history, natural beauty, and local sense of purpose—developing my skills as an artist while finding my own role within this vibrant community.

Graduating with honors and a degree in Art Education from Shippensburg University, I am now in my sixteenth year as an Art Educator.  Ties to both the community and to the landscape continue to grow, and my career as both educator and artist reflects the sense of place I have found in south-central Pennsylvania.


I focus primarily on the landscapes I have experienced—drawn to the unexpected colors and contrasts in moments of changing light, intrigued by the shifting transitions between day and night.  Exploring new techniques and building upon concepts of light, depth, and composition, I attempt to capture moments that are short-lived: the ephemeral wash of a sunset on the drive home, or the fading light of the autumn moon as the blue sky of morning begins to emerge.  I am inspired by our natural world each day, by its constant motion and variety, and strive to express the beauty and wonder continually unfolding around us.


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