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The Waters Lettering Archive is dedicated to the work of Sheila Waters (1929–2022), founding member of the Foothills Artists, and son Julian Waters (1957–), who is a new artist in the group for 2023, both internationally renowned calligraphers, designers, artists, authors and teachers. Their professional careers total more than 110 years, combined. Sheila's 70 year career included commissions from British royalty to drawn maps for published books. Julian's clients include National Geographic, US Postal Service, The National Gallery, and many agencies and publishers. His typeface (font) designs include Adobe Waters Titling Pro and the ThJefferson, exclusively for Monticello.    

The Archive holds an exhaustive collection of books, prints, posters, originals and rare historical artifacts covering the history of writing, printing, calligraphy, typography, book design and bookbinding.


The Archive sells framable signed giclée prints including Sheila's iconic Roundel of the Seasons facsimile, rare books and volumes produced by Sheila and Julian, including Waters Rising, The Blacksmith's Tale, Foundations of Calligraphy, Dylan Thomas' Under Milk Wood manuscript, Sheila Waters at 80: A Retrospective and the recent Sheila Waters: Her Golden Thread, all edited and designed by Julian.

To contact Julian Waters, please email:

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